Welcome to Rochdale Capital

John HoldsclawWelcome to the new website for Rochdale Capital, an emerging community development financial institution (CDFI). We believe that ownership is the foundation of vibrant communities and that this can be achieved through the promotion of community ownership and cooperative principles. Please take a moment to visit our website, and learn more about our mission and leadership. We not only view our website as a virtual office for prospective borrowers, but we also want to provide development services and thought leadership on the website. We will have resources to aid with the understanding of the cooperative ownership and entrepreneurs with their business plans, financial models, and how to grow your businesses. The website will feature guest bloggers and outline our public policy agenda so we can advocate on behalf of the CDFI industry. Stay tuned for more news and events, and more importantly, telling the stories of our borrowers and their impact on the communities they serve. Please feel free to contact me at 202-571-5149 or jholdsclaw@rochdalecapital.org. And don’t forget to follow us on social media which can also be found on our website as well.

Thank you.

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